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In assigning documentation ("job") for translation and processing to Etos, the customer enters a contract with Gustavo Vega to which the following terms apply:


These terms of service apply to all contracts or agreements of the products and services made available through Etos. Any addition or modification of these terms shall be mutually agreed and accepted in writing.


All quotations will be e-mailed to the customer and will be valid for 30 days.

The customer acceptance of a quotation occurs when:

  1. The upfront payment is received, according to payment instructions provided in the quotation, or
  2. There is not upfront payment as agreed on the quotation, and the customer sends an e-mail explicitly accepting the quotation conditions.

Once the quotation is supported by the customer acceptance, Etos will e-mail a job confirmation to the customer, which will extend these terms of service to the specifics of the job delivery requirements and commitments.

When the customer acceptance and the job confirmation are present, the job is assigned to Etos and the customer binds to these terms of service.

Verbal quotations or estimates are not binding.


All jobs are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties, except by request of law enforcement entities.


Any reasonable effort that is additional to the translation activity by itself, like: manipulating graphics, creating charts, processing images, layout work, special formatting, specific research, consulting and telecommunication expenses will be charged by the time spent. The hour rate for such cases will be specific to the job features and will be included in the quotation. The customer acceptance includes the hour rate; the customer will be informed before delivery of the time to be charged.

All prices are to be taken as not including VAT where that tax is applicable.


Etos shall not be liable for any infringement claim of copyright or other rights stemming from intellectual and industrial property of the material to be translated or the resulting translation. In such case, the customer will be hold responsible for any legal, administrative or any other type of expense or damage to Etos.

It is assumed that the job to be translated is for the personal usage of the customer, if that is not the case, then it's the responsibility of the customer to specify the purpose of the translation when asking for the quotation, otherwise no complaints or liability shall be accepted if the resulting translation is not useful for its purpose.


On the delivery date, the translated material will be available in:

  1. the Etos premises, and
  2. will be sent by e-mail, FTP, or
  3. sent through a previously agreed channel,

Etos will not be liable for any delivery delay caused by the failure of infrastructure belonging to the customer or third parties, that suports either Etos or the customer, which prevents the electronic delivery of the translation.

Any additional expense for an extraordinary delivery will be paid by the customer.


Urgent jobs can not be cancelled. Ordinary jobs, can be cancelled only when the customer notifies it in writing and before the delivery day.

The customer will be charged by the amount of work already done at the prices agreed on the quotation, and the corresponding translated material won't be delivered until the job is settled.

If Etos has to refund a difference to the customer because of the upfront payment exceeding the work done, it will be subject to third party charges (payment processing charges) which will be deducted from the refund amount.


Eto's liability will not exceed the quotation value.

If the customer is absolutely unsatisfied with a delivered job, Etos shall be entitled to choose between doing the job again or refunding the customer for the fees paid for the job, provided such fees were paid according to the job confirmation.


All relations between the customer and Etos shall be governed by Mexican legislation. Any disputes arising shall be submitted to the Courts of the Mexico State, Mexico.

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